Everything you need to know if you are looking for a Swiss war knife

Read more about the principles of the multifunctional knife and which Swiss weapon best fits your way of life and your spending plan.

Currently synonymous with adaptability, the Swiss battle magazine dates from 1884. At the time, a man named Karl Elsener established a knife shop in the Swiss city of Ibach-Schwyz. After three years he protected a multifunctional Swiss officer and a sports knife, and in this way the notorious Swiss sword knife was conceived.

Elsener had the infallible help of his mother Victoria – a reality that significantly influenced the formation of the organization’s name in 1921. Victorinox consolidates the words Victoria and stainless steel, a reference to the hardened steel that really took the shape of the knives.

Today, the knife of the Swiss Armed Forces is wrongly a prominent common transport object for some. It offers a mix of flawless ease and craftsmanship at a sensible point. Or perhaps it is surprising that every item is confirmed by a lifetime warranty, which relates to the materials and workmanship used in making it.

Despite a sharp edge, almost every Swiss force magazine has a key ring – just like a detachable tweezer and toothpick – at the accessible highlights. There are really many Swiss combat warehouse variations to choose from, from little ones you can join in with your key ring to full contributions with a large number of tools for expert and open air exercises.

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